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RisingStars Toddlers

A Day At RisingStars

Cognitive Development

We help our Toddlers with their listening skills so they can responding to simple instructions and following small routines. With multicolor toys such as blocks, etc. they learn to identify and sort objects by color, shape and size. We craft age appropriate activities to help create spatial awareness such as under and over, in and out, and side to side. And with our well curated library our kids lean to compare/contrast by reading age-appropriate books and answering questions. These are only a few of the many steps we take to make sure the cognitive development of our toddlers is rich and varied for their sponge-like curiosity!

Language Development

Our goals with conversations, short stories, circle time, toys, and activities is for the kids to start learning simple responses to questions like "Yes, please!" and "No, thank you!" Our themed toys such as farm animals help students start to identify the animals, and singing Spanish songs about numbers during circle time helps expose students to a variety of cultures and create connections, and of course conversations with their teacher and friends help them communicate their needs and listen! 

Fine Motor Skills

Toddlers are encouraged to start learning to dress themselves during changing time to help with their fine motor development and learn body autonomy. We also love dramatic play by providing a number of simple costumes such as chefs aprons, firemen boots and hats, etc. helping them create connections to the world! Not to mention, learning to wear their socks and shoes. We help nurture their artistic and creative talents by finger painting, making play dough, and using simple writing tools such as big egg shaped crayons. There is no shortage of fine motor skill development tools here!

Gross Motor Development Skills

Since children improve their walking abilities at this stage we make sure to let our toddlers strengthen their large muscles by exploring indoors and outdoors safely. We provide interactive physical activities like tossing and throwing balls, walking on grounded balancing logs, hopping, jumping, standing on stepstools for hand washes, hoop toss with carnival

rings and cones! We know walking is a life skill but we make sure our toddlers have tons of fun while learning it and are always in the regular supervision of a teacher. 


Social Development Skills

Social development is at the cornerstone of the growth of toddlers so we make sure to provide them multiple avenues to explore! We sing a ton of interactive songs with music such as "Open shut, open shut!" to help mimic our peers and teachers. We learn how to take turns by playing side by side with classmates with the help and support of the teacher. And of course we teach our toddlers how to cope with their big feelings by learning age appropriate emotional coping. Our toddlers are encouraged to explain how they're feeling and ask for help when they are sad, or frustrated. We teach them that asking for help is okay but also help foster a sense of independence and autonomy.

Health and Safety   Skills

Children follow health practices like being hygienic with regular hand wash routines with soap and water, we teach children why it is important to wash hands with simple experiments with glitter and water. picking up after themselves, and choosing healthy and nutritious food options by being offered and encouraged by caregivers!


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