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RisingStars Preschool

A Day At Risingstars

Cognitive Development

At this stage we know our kids start grasping core cognitive skills such as thinking, reading understanding and paying attention so we help them along with interactive activities. Our main tool is an assortment of puzzles as they build critical thinking and problem solving. We also encourage them to get involved in reading or story telling to help with creativity and attention! This helps them immerse into pretend play, initiate conversations, ask questions, and learn empathy. 

Language Development

our daily activities all come together to help engage the child and develop their speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills as part of language development. They are guided to use phonetics to help read out loud, look for rhyming words, and sight read! Additionally, we also discuss simple grammar such as the past, present, and future tense through the circle time calendar activity! Students label, and "tomorrow" accordingly. To help build up their vocabulary we do daily weather checks and help them differentiate between sunny, cloudy, rainy, foggy, snowy, etc. And of course use writing tools such as pencils and crayons to practice writing their names, drawing, and coloring! 

Math and Science Skills

Like mentioned before the calendar is a big part of our circle time and it plays a huge role here too! Through changing the dates they are able to identify number sequences and learn numbers. They also play matching activities such as matching the objects with the number card and bingo! Additionally we use our counting skills to count toys, weigh toys with weighing scales, and measure the height of our friends with wooden blocks! These are just a few of the activities and resources we use to teach our kids the basic mathematical reasoning skills to help build a strong foundation.

Gross Motor Development

Our preschool kids are starting to get a hang of their gross motor development so we make sure to help them engage in activities to further along their strong foundations! Some of our favorites include using walking and dancing feet in classrooms and running and skipping feet outside! We play catch and toss, use bouncy balls, and stand on stepping stone to gain a sense of balance. And when we need to get the wiggles out we play traffic light, tag, and hopscotch!

Social Development

Social development is a big part of our preschool development so we focus on helping them participate cooperatively, constructively, and respectfully in group situations. We guide them to express themselves while also valuing the need of others by helping them learn to share, communicate their needs, and waiting patiently by using their listening ears. We also encourage them to build empathy by dressing up as community helpers such as doctors, garbage pick up persons, and fireman during dramatic play. 

Health and Safety

We take our health and safety practices very seriously so you can rest assured that we have routine hand wash routines when arriving to school, before eating, after eating, after using the bathroom, and when playing outside. As per pandemic guidelines we do require mouth and nose coverings at all times except when eating and napping. We also help your kids learn to cover their mouth with their elbows when sneezing and help them learn simple safety rules such as walking in the classroom!

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