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RisingStars Infants

A Day At RisingStars

Cognitive Development

At RisingStars we encourage puzzle play to help our little ones build their cognitive, fine motor, social, emotional, and language skills! These skills develop along side the children's ability to learn Spatial vocabulary words such as turn, flip, and rotate as the children fit puzzle pieces together. Children also learn words such as above, below, and beside when they describe the position of puzzle pieces in relation to each other. We provide them tools they need to create a strong foundation for their cognitive development.


Language Development

Language development happens throughout the day! As mentioned before this includes puzzle play as well as the countless other activities and toys that our students engage with. Not to mention direct conversations with the students! When we talk, infants can identify facial expressions, respond differently for loud or soft sounds, and imitate our actions and we help them reach these milestones.

Fine Motor Development

RisingStars' research backed curriculum utilizes guided activities that helps students explore their own bodies, pick up and hold objects, push buttons on music instruments, eat food from their trays, and turn pages on board books. All these daily activities help children strengthen their small muscles and aid their development overall!


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